Sandwich Panel Manufacturers in Lahore, Pakistan

MA Engineering Solution Prefabricated Buildings And Steel Structures Manufacturers In Pakistan. MA Engineering Solution has the experience and expertise to deal the pre-engineered and prefabricated buildings by Fabrication in areas of our Pharmaceutical Industry Cold Storage, warehouses, Dairy farms, Poultry Sheds, Armed Forces Sheds and Commercial buildings, and Housing Sectors.

Prefabricated Buildings
Prefabricated Buildings

Manufacturer of High-Quality Pu and EPS Sandwich Panels for Pre-Engineered and Prefabricated Buildings with Competitive Prices in Pakistan.

Architectural Engineers design drawings of Steel structural buildings and professionals manufacture Prefabricated Steel buildings by using the fabrication process in the factory for cold storage warehouses, aircraft hangers, and Prefab office buildings all our the world.

Structure manufacturing is the first step. It consists of factory-made components or units that are transported assembled and deployed on-site to form the complete building. Some of the parts are manufactured in the factory with heavy machinery and then reassembled at the location.

Our purpose is to provide our services and expertise in Pharmaceutical cold storage rooms for saving medicine and chemicals, Cold Storage warehouses for vegetables, fruit, and seafood, Dairy farms, and Poultry Sheds, Porta Cabins, Caravan Container, Office Containers, Portable Washroom Military training camp, and Commercial buildings and Housing Sectors, mobile homes, offices, labor camps, temporary site offices, security guardrooms. Tek Engineering Services offers professional steel fabricating work for industrial and commercial prefabricated buildings in customized sizes, dimensions, and other optional features specified to meet the requirements of our clients.

Since several components of the prefabricated building are completed at our factory, there are significantly fewer equipment and material suppliers around the final construction site. This limits the distraction of traditional job sites that suffer from pollution, noise, waste, and other common irritations. This streamlined method of construction offers a far more effective atmosphere for productivity. Prefabricated construction is gaining popularity and customers who choose this state-of-the-art method are able to enjoy a high-quality, faster, cost-effective, and eco-friendly construction method. Prefabricated construction is proving to be an extremely viable option and as manufacturing technology continues to improve it is expected that benefits and advantages will grow in the coming future.

All the fabrication processing needs are available in-house which include plate cutting, plate bending, plate rolling, hot and cold forming, portacabin, steel structures, steel buildings, prefabricated structures, prefab, SAW Welding, abrasive blasting, painting, and galvanizing.

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