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Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels, also known as composite panels, consist of three layers – outer layers made of durable materials and an inner middle layer providing structural integrity and insulation.

Best PU Sandwich Panel Manufacturers in Pakistan

The face material of the polyurethane sandwich panel is made of a high-quality color-coated steel plate. The core material is made of high-quality rock wool, glass wool, and high-density rigid foamed polyurethane as the groove filling.
After high-pressure foaming and curing, the cotton is automatically compacted and compounded by super-long precision double crawler control molding.
Compared with traditional hanging cotton enclosure materials, it has better fireproof and thermal insulation effects, longer performance, and superior thermal insulation performance.
The thermal insulation effect of the same thickness is twice that of the EPS sandwich panel.
The polyurethane cold storage panel has a large span, fast drainage, good waterproof effect, hidden screws so that it is not easy to rust, which extends the service life of the panel.

PU Sandwich Panel

Best EPS-Sandwich

Panel Manufacturers in Pakistan
The EPS Smart Panel features a lightweight composite design with calcium silicate exterior surfaces and an EPS core, providing superior insulation properties. It is an energy-efficient wall material, combining cement or calcium silicate boards with EPS foam particles for durability and insulation.

PIR Sandwich Panel

Best PIR SandwichPanel Manufacturers in Pakistan
Our PIR panels offer superior structural and insulating properties, ideal for diverse applications. PIR (Polyisocyanurate Foam) surpasses ordinary polyurethane in physical and fire resistance, making it an ideal low-temperature insulation material. Widely used in construction, PIR sandwich panels are lightweight, thermally efficient, and commonly applied to walls and roofs.

Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings and Steel
Structures Manufacturers in Pakistan
MA Engineering Solution specializes in designing and fabricating pre-engi- neered and prefabricated buildings for diverse sectors, including pharma- ceutical industry cold storage, warehouses, dairy farms, poultry sheds, armed forces sheds, commercial buildings, and housing sectors.

Cold Storage Solutions

We offer cold storage warehousing services for perishable goods like dairy products, meat, vegetables, medicines, and cosmetics, ensuring optimal low temperatures for product preservation.

Portable Cabins

Our portable buildings, or PortaCabins, are versatile modular structures ideal for temporary use, easily transportable and relocatable as needed.

Portable Cabin Manufacturer

LGS Building

Our Light Gauge Steel (LGS) structures meet non-combustible code require- ments and offer durability, making them suitable for areas prone to termite attacks.

General Fabrication

Specializing in metal component fabrication, including bending, forming, cutting, and welding, we ensure high-quality and durable structures.

Refrigerated Cool Van

Our refrigerated vans provide efficient transportation solutions for perish- able foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, maintaining the required temperature for product integrity during transport.