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Solar Panel Installation & Maintenance Service in Lahore

Solar Panel Installation & Maintenance Service

Solar panels can save up to 85% on your current bills. But what about solar panel price in Pakistan and maintenance costs?


Don’t worry! With our trusted Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance service, we can help you make a big difference at affordable rates.


Get in touch with us today to boost your energy independence and increase savings!


Which Solar Panel Services Does MA Engineering Solution Offer

Let’s explore our services that stand out best in installing and maintaining your solar panel system. 


Solar Installation

The most common location for the installation of solar panels is the roof. However, one can install solar panels on the ground if roof installation is impossible. 


Apart from that, our professional team will deliver installation systematically to get the maximum sunlight.  Choose only a qualified contractor like us who has done it thousands of times without hassle. 


Solar Cleaning & Repairing 

You can lose up to 33% of your solar efficiency if solar panels are dirty or damaged. Keeping your panels debris-free will allow them to absorb the maximum sunlight and facilitate the highest renewable energy. 


A properly cleaned panel will have long-term health & production. Hence, our Solar technicians are trained to catch any issues with panels and fix them. 


Additionally, if your electricity bill is higher than usual, your solar panels are having an issue. But don’t worry; our team will inspect your solar system and determine whether parts require maintenance or repair. 


Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Mostly, solar panel systems are removed from a site due to roof leaks or age. This uninstallation happens in the reverse manner from which you installed it. However, it requires only a professional team. Fortunately, our workers with technical knowledge of electrical stuff can do it by following SOPs according to them. 


When we remove your solar system, we will adequately inspect all your components to ensure everything works as designed. 


Similarly, when you need to reinstall it, we’re always here to lend a helping hand.