Sandwich Panel Manufacturers in Lahore, Pakistan

PIR Sandwich Panels Manufacturers in Pakistan

As a pioneer and innovator, MA Engineering Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. is the only business in Pakistan offering PIR and ozone-friendly sandwich panels for a range of sectors and designing, producing, installing, and maintaining them. 


MA Engineering Solution PIR Sandwich Panels are a ground-breaking innovation in Pakistan that is raising the bar for steel construction standards. 

Investors, property insurers, designers, and contractors all acknowledge the unparalleled benefits of PIR Sandwich Panels. MA Engineering Solution is helping to preserve the ozone layer and eradicate one of the causes of cancer by ceasing to produce PU panels and transitioning to eco-friendly technologies. 

Compared to conventional PU panels, fire-resistant qualities, and excellent insulation values offer a plethora of advantages. MA Engineering Solution PIR sandwich panels provide exceptional overall performance as well as environmental sustainability, fire safety, structural integrity, and thermal efficiency.

Why PIR Sandwich Panels

The insulating effect of FirSafe PIR Sandwich Panels is 49 times greater than concrete and 42 times greater than brick. If compared with typical construction materials, it helps to save 30% on energy and maintenance costs for heating and air-conditioning systems.

PIR Panels are non-hygroscopic. They do not absorb moisture, which enables waterproofing/moistureproofing. A strong assembly process prevents any water leakage issues at joints.

It is a light but strong independent structure and is easy to construct.

141B gas is used as a blowing agent in the manufacturing of traditional PU panels. United Nations declared 141B as one of the major reasons for fracturing the Ozone Layer around the earth. 141B gas injected in PU panels is also causing cancer. MA Engineering Solutions is the only company in Pakistan that discontinued the manufacturing of PU panels and switched to PIR Sandwich Panels using eco-friendly pentane gas.

New sandwich panels for mounting the walls of the building. New material for insulating the walls of the building under construction

Since panels are flame retardant and fireproof, no flame spreads within the panel core. PIR Panels / Sandwich Panels buildings are safer than PU panels and other construction materials.

With a 50 ft. range of panel length, core thickness of up to 250 mm, and color options to choose from, it allows complete freedom at the design stage for an attractive appearance.

FieSafe PIR Sandwich Panels by MA Engineering Solutions are built for self-assembly, thus decreasing the time and cost of construction.

PIR Thermal Board

The MA Engineering Solutions PIR Panels plant in Lahore, Pakistan, produces the MA Engineering Solutions Thermal Board. This insulating board has a high compressive strength and is used to cover single-ply waterproofed flat roofs.

Fire Safety

PIR Sandwich Panels from MA Engineering Solutions offer exceptional fire protection. The sandwich panel industry as a whole is moving from PUR to PIR. Reducing the effects of a fire is the main goal of a building’s fire safety design. Whether a building’s components avoid flashovers and are self-extinguishing or if they contribute to the fire occurrence is a matter of great importance to insurance companies and property owners. It is crucial that walls and ceilings are fire-safe, do not spread fire, do not spew out flaming droplets, and do not emit an excessive amount of smoke. PIR panels from MA Engineering Solutions help in building evacuation by preserving the building’s fundamental structure and extending its heat resistance. PIR panels also restrict property damage.

The excellent performance of PIR Sandwich Panels in the industry can be attributed to their fire characteristics.

  • Less Smoke intensity
  • Fire penetration
  • Flame spread
  • No flashovers or fire expansion to the outside edges/transitions of a building component
  • Contribution to the fire event

Roof Panels

The MA Engineering Solutions roof panels are designed for use as roofs for various buildings. Fastening to the supporting structure is carried out with use of self-drilling screws.

  • Profiled lining with a unique surface design.
  • Large lining bend radius guarantees durability of the protective coating.
  • Seamless polyurethane seal, applied in manufacture, guarantees joint tightness.
  • Capillary action preventing chamber.
  • Core made of stiff, CFC free, self-extinguishing PIR foam with very good thermal insulation properties.
  • Profiled edges guarantee tightness of joint.