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Insulated refrigerated truck containers and trailer bodies

With the biggest market share in Pakistan, MA Engineering Solution Refrigeration is a pioneer in the production of customized refrigerator containers.

We transform trailer bodies into dependable and superior refrigerated cars by constructing refrigerated containers onto your car chassis to suit your unique requirements.

We produce chilled bodies in all sizes to fit on readily accessible commercial chassis. The carrying capacities of our models range from 0.5 tons to 30 tons.

Fresh or frozen goods can be transported in our refrigerator containers, which offer great performance for both short- and long-distance deliveries at assured temperatures. Every one of our produced containers is subjected to extensive testing and quality inspection. A full fleet of refrigerated containers is offered by KoldKraft refrigeration. Multinational companies in the ice cream, dairy, meat, and poultry industries are among our clientele.


Designing a box body that can withstand the harsh road conditions of Pakistan and endure rough everyday usage.
Utilizing round profiles to enhance the vehicle’s appearance and optimize airflow around the box body, resulting in reduced drag coefficient and improved mileage.
Safe for consumption Exploring eutectic solutions found in plates.
Our rigid polyurethane insulation is designed to deliver optimal performance, even in the most extreme temperatures.
Our systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, thanks to our partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide for sourcing high-quality components and parts.

Eutectic System

A eutectic reefer container was developed and produced for the first time in Pakistan by Koldkraft, establishing itself as the leading manufacturer in the refrigerated transport industry.


The eutectic system offers a straightforward operation and does not require any moving parts in the refrigeration machinery during transportation. Since there are no moving parts involved in transportation, the refrigeration machinery experiences minimal wear and tear.

The cooling is stored in eutectic plates and is then transported using the main electric supply. Once the system is charged, the Reefer container can be used for the entire day.

The operating and energy costs of eutectic systems are significantly lower than those of diesel-powered refrigeration units.