Sandwich Panel Manufacturers in Lahore, Pakistan

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The flexibility of the sandwich panels offered by Pakistan Insulations Pvt Ltd is ideal for solving the numerous insulation problems that occur in lightweight pre-fabrication. These panels offer the unique flexibility to the user to get the cold room disassembled & shifted to another location if required. Particular care is taken over the constant analysis of adequate adhesion of the polyurethane foam to the back of the sheet, the proper density of polyurethane over the entire length, and its dimensional stability, producing superior products at all times for all applications.


The following options are available in the sheets used as cladding:

  • Polyester pre-painted galvanized steel
  • Galvanized steel with 200 micron PVC coating system (Plastisol)
  • Stainless steel
  • Stucco embossed Aluminum

The cladding is precisely formed at the edges in an L shape to guarantee superior adhesion between the sheet and polyurethane. It is shallow ribbed to provide additional strength and dimensional stability.


All the panels are insulated with polyurethane using foaming agents, which are environment-friendly and CFC-free but retain the essential thermal insulation features needed for proper product storage. Panel insulation does not deteriorate over time and does not absorb smells. The panels are neither toxic nor irritating, and they do not support the development of fungi or mildew. These products are classified as B2 according to European Fire retardant standards. The high-pressure system used for injecting the polyurethane ensures the highest dimensional stability of the product and ensures closed cell density.


Panels are available in 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 180 and 200 mm thickness. The standard width of the panels is 1150mm, a size which has been found to optimize transport space. Panel length can range up to 9.5 meters and can be produced according to the size required by the customer and/or project demands.

1001150 mm7000 mm
125 & over1150 mm9500 mm


Choice of polyurethane insulated doors available in different thicknesses and applications. They can be either hinged or sliding. All types of doors are equipped with standard high-quality fittings and accessories (all imported from Europe), such as safety release handles, heater wires, gaskets, aluminum or stainless steel railing, etc.

Optional accessories, where required, include:

  • Hydraulic self-closing doors
  • Controlled atmosphere doors
  • Traffic / Swing doors
  • Display thermal glass


The jointing is ensured by the specially sized tongue and groove joints extending along the entire length of the panels, which also provides their alignment. The locking system by cam-locks (imported from Europe), which are permanently anchored into the injected rigid polyurethane foam core during the manufacture of the panels, tightly joins the panels into a unified assembly. The system ensures total air tightness to the cold store and increases the strength and stability of the structure. Locks are imported from Europe.

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For large, medium, and small cold stores, Pakistan Insulations recommends P.U. boards for floor insulation. For large forklift-operated cold rooms, i.e., more than 7 meters in height, RCC over PU is more effective due to high compressive strength. For the best result, a vapor-proof barrier, e.g., polyethylene sheets, should be laid down under and above the P.U. boards. For large low-temperature cold store applications, Pakistan Insulations recommends and can assist in the design of underground pipe ventilation to prevent any ice formation underneath the cold store.


There is a vast range of accessories available to complete the Pakistan Insulations Cold store sandwich panel so that the system can be tailored to the specific demands of each installation.